We LOVE Pumpkin Pie.

Chloe especially. She was asking for it around Halloween time, but I didn’t want to make a whole pie (even though we would probably eat it… and by “we” I mean me… at midnight). But that’s a struggle for a different blog post.

As I perused Pinterest, I noticed how people would make “mini” version of things in small pie tins or cupcake molds. Genius! One day, I will master the art of baking eggs in muffin tins for breakfast sandwiches, but I’ve already done this with little quiches and they were simple, fun, and something the kids could do with me.

Mini Pumpkin Experiment

Confession…I cheated and used Pillsbury Pie Crusts because … well, #momlife. Some day we’ll make our own crusts 🙂

1. Roll Out and Cut the Dough

The kids liked doing this. Used a 4 inch round cutter, but you can also use a wide enough jar lid. Don’t forget to prep the muffin tins with cooking spray or butter. Pies come out easier after baking.


2. Use Extra Dough to Cut Out Leaf Pieces

Adds a fun final touch to your pies without adding a whole top crust. These are called Pie Crust Cutters. You can if you want but this was just fun. I bought some Christmas shapes, too!


3. Mix Healthy Pumpkin Filling

The original recipe calls for either maple syrup or coconut sugar. The coconut promised to hold the shape better. The eggs will help with that, too. Coconut milk for the liquid gave it more of that naturally sweet taste.

You can use refined sugar or substitute with coconut sugar for a healthier alternative.


4. Pour into the Crust Cups & Top with Leaf Cutouts

I used a 1/2 cup dry measuring cup for easy pouring, fill just to under the top and place a couple leafs lightly on the surface. They will bake with the rest of the crust.

img_1951      img_1953

5. Bake at 350 degrees for 50 minutes

These little guys came out soooooo good! The sweetness to pumpkin ratio was perfect, they’re the perfect sixes for kids to enjoy, and the little shapes on top just make it a fun experience. They are also good for portion control if you don’t eat too many.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Click Here for the Paleo Version o this Recipe

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