Detouring for motherhood, the prospect of being a SAHM can be scary. Jen Babakhan encourages us that motherhood can be the best detour you’ll ever take.

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Meet the Author!

Jen has her degree in public relations, has worked as a marketing executive and elementary school teacher. Then God placed on her heart to stay at home with her baby. Once he was in her arms, she knew she couldn’t go back to work. Eventually, she left her career to take on the position of SAHM (stay-at-home-mom) motherhood and has since written inspiring pieces for MSN, Reader’s Digest, Yahoo, and AOL. She now lives in California with her husband and two little boys.

“In the end, that detour gets you to where you’re meant to go.”

The Path of the SAHM

Unexpected growth on the path of a SAHM sometimes surprises us, but not God. He knows ultimately where we’re supposed to end up.

Jen remembers feeling defeated because of the moms who seemed to have it all. Why does it seem easier for them and why am I struggling so much?

1. Struggle with not making our own money. “I didn’t earn this money… “

2. “To be able to stay home with my own child felt like a luxury I didn’t deserve.”

3. The process of accepting God’s gift of grace.

“You can have it all, just not at the same time.

Then she realized that she was placing her approval in the wrong people.

“I did not need to approval of others to feel worthy and accepted right where I was, just as I was. If I had never accomplished anything else, what I had was enough…”

“We have to fight the lie that not working is lazy. Working in the home is not lazy, by any means.”

“I was striving to earn this gift of being a SAHM that God had given freely with His grace.”


The Isolation of Being a SAHM

The most surprising thing about giving up your career is how lonely it can be at times. How do we overcome loneliness, but find our community at the same time? For a SAHM, all of these tasks can be daunting.

With loneliness, like other struggles, it’s important to admit that these difficult seasons can take a while. It’s normal that it may take a while to assimilate into this life. It may take a while to meet friends that really gel with your family.


Maybe It’s Not You

Sometimes it takes trial and error to accept that the new people in your life are just not your people. Give yourself time to find the ones who get you. (Hey, sometimes connective relationships are found online… give it a chance!)

“You’re worth is not your work. You are a daughter of the King.”

Self Care for the SAHM

Growth in the season of motherhood is about honoring the person you are and that you’ve always been.

-Spending time in the Word – our kids need to see it! Practice what you preach.

-Go back to the things you love! Sit back, have some tea, and be grateful! Thrive where you’re planted.

-Time some time to feel good about yourself in the morning. Get dressed do your makeup. It’s okay to feel pretty.


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Jen Babakhan SAHM Detoured

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Detoured chronicles the often-bumpy path Jen took to contentment and peace in her new role at home.  She honestly shares the struggles and joys of being home, and the truth she uncovered about “having it all.”  Stay-at-home motherhood isn’t easy—but it can be the most beautiful detour you ever take.

Jen Babakhan SAHM Detoured
Jen Babakhan SAHM Detoured

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