How knowing your “why” is fuel for homeschooling and how to encourage characteristics of the heart that you can’t measure with a grade.


Wife of a hospital physician and mama of four boys, Monica Swanson lives on the north shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. They grow tropical fruits on their land that overlooks the “7 Mile Miracle” spot of some of the best surfing beaches in the world. She homeschools all of the boys, and just launched the oldest off to college in California. Her book Boy Mom: What Your Son Needs Most From You is a widely-read and acclaimed book among Christian boy moms across the nation.


“That God-given love for my boys made me want to train them up, focus on their character, and focus on those things outside of academics…”

We’re talking about:

  • How everyone was not on board with homeschooling at first

  • School at home is not the institution of school at home, it’s very different.

  • Monica and Jenn share their “why” of homeschooling, and their individual journeys.

  • Why I pulled my daughter out at fourth grade.

  • Taking the leap and how our lives drastically changed.

  • The impact of quarantine on our homeschool life

  • How Monica’s style of schooling has changed over the years

  • Common reasons why people bring their kids home, and why different kids give us different reasons

  • We answer the question “Is homeschooling a special calling?”

  • Why you can’t feel guilted into homeschooling

  • How Monica’s Character Training Course was born

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