Replace frustration with joy by giving yourself and your children permission to be the strong person God made them to be.

Meet the Authors!

Analyn and Brandon Miller are successful business owners and the parents of seven children, spanning two generations. They are passionate about seeing families engage a strengths-based parenting approach that unearths the uniqueness in every child and empowers positive parent child relationships through every stage of life.

Brandon is a Certified Strengths Coach through the Gallup Organization and has been coaching and training strengths for over fifteen years. Analyn owns and operates The Analyn Miller Group, part of Keller Williams Realty. She holds the distinguished Graduate Real Estate Institute Designation and loves leading her team with integrity and enthusiasm.

Change the Way You Play

Brandon found Strengths Finders ten years ago as a useful tool to help businesses and their employees. Until one day, he saw it as an extremely useful tool for parenting.

A strengths-based approach to human behavior caused the Millers to re-think the way they raised their 7 children (4 daughters and 3 sons).

Brandon and Analyn felt the need to reshape the way they invested and interacted with the kids. They wanted to be intentional about managing time with their children with different personalities.

Authoritarian and Authoritative Parenting Styles

These highly instructive and corrective (sometimes cold) style of parenting can come across as conditional. Most of our generation was raised this way, and sometimes it doesn’t allow for the grace of growing up and our kid’s individual strengths.

The question is: how do we establish structure, and still allow for trust and love in the home?

How we were parented affects how we will parent our kids. We discuss how to approach our childhood from a place of gratefulness for the foundation our parents laid, and add great things to that foundation.

Ultimately, the Millers discovered that a strengths-based approach is the most responsible approach when it comes to laying a safe foundation.

One child is into sports.

One child is raising farm animals.

One child is an electrician.


No More Well-Rounded Children

The Millers speak to the fears their had as young parents, and a warning for all parents that transformed their hearts and gave them peace and confidence. They get to watch their older kids start their own parenting journey and impart the hard-earned wisdom they’ve learned.

Brandon talks about the greatest things we can give kids when life gets hard, and how our voices stay with them even after they move out.

Time Stamps

5:20 The Miller Children dynamic

6:40 We they need their own book

9:00 Kids who work with their hands

10:50 Misconceptions of parental leadership

14:00 Why we don’t default to their strengths

16:10 No more well-rounded kids

19:10 Reflecting on how we were parented

22:20 Fears of new parents

25:40 The 5 to 1 Ratio

30:20 How kids interact when they leave the home


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