Help your kids navigate through the dangers of social media, porn and video games and stay safe online with a practical step-by-step system. 

Meet the Course Creator!

Dean and Holly have 6 kids and have been married since 1998. Marriage and Family are two of the most important aspects of their lives, as well as sources of the most joy, challenge, and satisfaction.

Safe Online

A Note From Dean: “I know you want to be a confident leader in your home, helping your kids successfully navigate through the dangers of social media, porn and video games. To do that, you need a practical, step-by-step system that gives you everything you need in one place.

Because, let’s face it, you’re not an expert, psychiatrist, or some professional therapist, right? You’re busy. But this is exactly why we can feel guilty and overwhelmed at everything our kids are facing in the digital world today.

Well, I believe you deserve an easy, step-by-step program that’s done all the heavy lifting for you.

Equip Yourself to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

So I had to create the FamilyTECHGamePlan Online Course…because there’s nothing that I know of like it out there…an easy-to-follow program that brings together the best of evidence-based neuroscience and social science data with practical, real life solutions you can implement in your family immediately.

Register for the online course today.

Because it’s time we break off the guilt and shame we can feel as parents over these issues, and gain the confidence of knowing we’re doing everything we can to help our family grow and succeed through the dangers of technology.

Don’t wait. Join the Online Course today. And I’ll see you soon!”


Prepare yourself now before your family is caught off guard.

Take the necessary steps to protect them.

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Dean Kaneshiro Safe Online

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