Home on Purpose, a comprehensive video series taught by Trisha Childers helps you to live a simpler and more functional home life.

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Meet the Author!

Trisha Childers is a military wife, a stay at home mother of two, and contributing writer here at Practical Family. Through her Home On Purpose series, she uses her gifts of organization and planning to coach other women on decluttering, downsizing, an organizing their homes.  She believes that when the house itself is easy to live in and easy to maintain, we are free to spend that extra energy on something more important: the people who live in it!

Living in a Home on Purpose

Trisha Childers and I are back together for round 2 of our favorite topic: simplifying your home life.

We launched a free course last year called Home on Purpose, a comprehensive video series taught by Trisha herself, that helps you to live a simpler and more functional home life.

But get this… It’s not just about decluttering, and guess what? Trisha is not a naturally organized person. She’s even been described as a “flake,” believe it or not!

Without her organizational routines, her life would be a complete mess. This is difficult for someone who is already hard on herself, and you may be able to relate to that. I know I do.

Common Misconceptions about Home on Purpose

This is not about interior design.

It’s also not about Pinterest Perfect homes.

We want you to get used to asking yourself the question, “Does my home function easily so I can enjoy my life? When I wake up, does my home stress me out?”

Home on Purpose 2.0 has one goal (or two goals wrapped into one): to help you avoid stress and anxiety.

We’re not very nice mommies when we’re overwhelmed with too much to do and too much stuff.

Home on Purpose 2.0: What You Can Expect

Trisha shows you how to ask yourself, “What’s going to make this easier?”

This new and improved series is all about the slow, step by step process that you need to reevaluate your home at your own pace.

It’s about retraining bad habits so your progress doesn’t fall flat in a month. We want to be successful and feel peace in our home, right?

How Decluttering is like…

Listen to this episode and how Trisha compares decluttering to plastic surgery (hehehe, I almost died when she said this!)

Why Home on Purpose 2.0 is not really about minimalism or Marie Kondo
While there are great systems out there, Trisha’s focus in Home on Purpose 2.0 is to help you to retrain your habits, and this can make for long-lasting effects on your home and your family.

Let’s train our habits to be good ones so our home can function well.

Current Series:

…and more to come!

Launches September 2019

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At the end of the episode… 

Listen to Trisha answer this comment:
“But I’m just not an organized person.”

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home on purpose trisha childers
home on purpose trisha childers

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