Continued from Part 1 of the Home on Purpose series, Trisha Childers give us practical ideas for being more intentional with our stuff and explains how simple baby steps can get us going in the right direction.

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Hi! I’m Trisha 🙂

Creating order out of chaos has always been a source of joy for me, and just a part of who I am.  Two of my favorite memories of my teenage years are the time I reorganized the resource room of our church’s children’s ministry, and the Saturdays I spent helping an elderly handicapped lady clean and organize her small home.  Watching someone’s life go from frustrating and difficult to enjoyable and easy is such an amazing experience, and I cherished being a part of that.

As someone who loves logic and order, you may have guessed math was my favorite school subject, and teaching being a strong passion of my heart, I naturally put the two together.  I have based my teaching methods on the same methods I use in home organization: create regular routines and structures that make it easy to be successful.  After teaching middle and high school math for five years, I married a naval officer and I am now a stay at home mom with a headstrong 5 year old girl and goofy little 3 year old boy.

Although I have always enjoyed helping friends improve the function of their homes, it has only been recently that I have come to realize just how pervasive the frustrations of maintaining a home really are.  With this lesson series, I aim to provide practical and thought provoking guidance that will help women create homes that are easy to maintain.  In doing so, I hope your home and your belongings will cease to be a source of frustration and become a place of peace and joy.

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