How can women find real, genuine friendships with other women? Beloved author Robin Jones Gunn shares her new book and the life transitions women go through to become their true selves.

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Meet the Author!

Robin Jones Gunn is a natural-born storyteller. She is the author of the Sisterchicks novels and the popular Christy Miller series. Her 90 books have sold nearly 5 million copies worldwide. She frequently speaks at international events and writers conferences, and her books Finding Father Christmas and Engaging Father Christmas were made into Hallmark movies. Robin lives on the Hawaiian island of Maui with her husband and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Becoming Women of Character

Becoming Us is Robin’s new novel in the Haven Makers series about women who gather and establish relationships to “become us.” As many of our lives have been characterized by unexpected transitions, the women in this novel experience change and growth in familiar ways that we can relate to.

A huge part of life change involved the new people that drift in and out of our lives. Meeting new people can be scary. Questions bubble to the surface like “Will I be accepted here…will they like me, will they have a seat for me at the table…?”

Becoming Women of Bravery

Brave first steps toward new friendships are often taken one baby step at a time. Depending on your personality and how comfortable you are in social groups, Robin encourages us that the best kinds of growth happen in community and trusting others with our stories to make meaningful connections.

If you have ever been a new person in a new place, endured financial struggles, fought to save your marriage, or battled infertility, Becoming Us is a beautiful picture of what can happen when our struggles are placed in God’s hands and carried by trusted friends.

Becoming Women of Resilience

In our interview, Robin also reveals the inspiration for the struggle between the main character Emily, and her mother who unexpectedly comes to town. She shares how she was made whole in the truth, understanding who she was, and how to extend love and grace to someone who cannot reciprocate.

“When I choose to be the one giving the grace and love, I honestly feel Jesus fill me up again.”

Robin’s process talking to women, understanding their struggles, and the stories they’re telling themselves inspired the heartfelt connections of these characters and gave them a voice to rise above their circumstances.

“We live in an area of plenty of content and information, but as a Mom, you get to bring the beauty – you get to elevate that.”

Becoming Women of Courage

What keeps you from being courageous?

Fear of Failure?
Fear of being too much for people?

Everybody brings a little something. When you realize that you have something to offer that other women need, it’s different than a culture of content and information. It’s the face to face, heart to heart exchange that allows you to receive from others and be generous with what you have to give.

Jen Babakhan SAHM Detoured

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Five young women, including beloved Gunn characters Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen, gather for a simple Christmas party and soon become unlikely best friends. Told from the viewpoint of Emily, a timid young mom going through a difficult season of life, the regular gatherings provide the much needed community she’s longed for. As the women begin sharing their life stories in Becoming Us they are endeared to each other and find ways to challenge, encourage, and help each other become the nurturing mothers they wished they’d had when they were growing up. They see themselves as Haven Makers and unite to be remembered for what they do and not for what was done to them.

Robin Jones Gunn Becomin Us Women
Robin Jones Gunn Becoming Us Women

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