This mama knows about birthing dreams. As a 3x surrogate, Tiffany Jo Baker is in the business of helping families to realize and birth dreams God has put on their heart.

Join us as we discuss how to maintain the proper perspective while chasing realistic goals in every day life.


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Don’t Quit Survival Kit

Meet our guest!

Tiffany Jo Baker is a Life CoachWriterSpeaker, and Surrogate. Her Coaching Certifications and Masters Degree in Professional Counseling have allowed her to coach women and couples in dream chasing and marriage and family matters since 2010.

She has been married for over 18 years to her best friend and the love of her life Brian, an avid outdoorsman, and together they never taken for granted the blessings of their two daughters, Trinity & Selah (ages 15 & 13), who are amazing young ladies that keep them forever on their toes.

She loves being a wife, mom, dog mom and surrogate and also enjoys trying things once, traveling, bargain hunting, city and country life, eating french fries, creating things (especially memories), decorating and laughing!

What does self-care have to do with goals?

Tiffany helps us to understand the parts of us that function together the best: Head, Heart, Hands. When we are using all aspects interchangeably, we can function in a healthy and productive way.

Her Don’t Quit Survival Kit will help you to zero in on the different types of care we need to thrive:

Soul Care
Self Care
Dream Care

We can start to wonder “What am I doing with my life?” because we’re not taking care of all the parts of us and filling those needs along the way.

Tiffany says that women often find themselves asking: “How do I stay grateful for where I am and what I have while still pursuing more?”

It’s easy to feel guilty for wanting to fulfill our own desires when we’re busy raising a family.

She reminds us that God uses us for His glory, and it takes people who are willing to step out and be obedient.

“We’re so much more effective for the kingdom when we’re fulfilled.”

Our fulfillment, desires, and purpose are all connected. Listen in to this uplifting episode and discover how to birth your dreams in a realistic and practical way.

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