Did you ever try to plan out how your life was going to be when you grew up? Rachel did. She wanted a husband, 4 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog that never barked.

Through her experiences as a foster, adoptive, and birth mother, Rachel Lewis shares how to process grief and cope with unexpected loss.


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About Our Guest

Rachel Lewis is a foster, adoptive and birth mom who writes about loss, foster care and infertility at her blog, The Lewis Note. She is currently a mom to four, but since she’s a foster mama, you never know for sure when that number will change.

When she’s not mommying or writing, you can probably find her scouring Trader Joe’s for the yummiest gluten free treats — or binge-watching The Great British Baking Show, indisputably the best cooking show on the planet.

She knows life can be hard, but that there is hope. She’d love to connect with you on Facebook, and invites you to join Brave Mamas, her private support group, for any woman grieving a child.

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When Loss Comes In Many Forms

“God is not the kind of God who made bad things happen to me in order for Him to get glory, or in order for me to love Him more…”

God is powerful enough to bring good things from horrible circumstances. He allows nature to take its course. Rachel testifies about the God who redeems:

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How God Connects with Us in Our Grief

Not just the Son, but also the Father can completely understand and has felt all the same things. God is big enough… to handle my doubts and my fears.

“I trust that our relationship is strong enough to handle this.”

Just as a healthy relationship trusts the other person with difficulty, so is our relationship with God. We can trust that our relationship is strong enough to handle this situation… all my emotions, doubts, fears, questions, insecurities… and that God can handle that.

“I trust that God is as big as He says He is, that He loves as much as He says He loves, and in that there is freedom in faith for me to say, “I am struggling to believe, help my unbelief.”

Trusting that God is good enough and our relationship is strong enough to say, ‘My faith is not a performance for you…You’re not asking me to perform for You, You’re asking me to trust and love You.’

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This is a support group for Brave Mamas … any mom who has endured struggles in any of the following areas on her journey to her family: bereavement, infertility, pregnancy or child loss, or foster care.

Obstacles and heartbreak on our journey to family can leave a gaping wound in our soul. Just like physical wounds, our soul wounds need tender loving care. That’s why I created these beautiful affirmations — watercolor postcards you can print, frame if you like, and place anywhere you need a reminder that there is hope.

In Your BFF Guide to Miscarriage, you’ll find 5 ways to gently offer comfort, 5 potential downfalls you can avoid, and a comprehensive resource list you can share with a friend, or keep for yourself. I’ve also included some direct links in the email you’ll receive to make offering support as simple as possible.

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