If you have experienced suffering after the death of a loved one, this episode is for you. Not all of us fight the same battles of suffering, but pain is still an inescapable reality of life on this earth. The best we can seem to do is band together and support each other through the hard times.

I am pleased to introduce to you a remarkable woman, who after enduring the loss of her child, found peace and comfort in the pages of the Bible. She read stories of women who endured suffering, ridicule, loss, grief, abuse, and neglect, all of whom were elevated as treasures of God, redeemed and valued.

Kate Merrick shares her journey of pain through the loss of her daughter Daisy Love, and the amazing grace of God through loss, grief, and finding laughter again.

Kate and her husband Britt started the Reality Family of Churches out of Carpenteria, California, and now oversee a growing ministry across two countries, three states and two oceans. Listen in on our conversation about choosing a simple life and loving the people right in front of you.

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