Here are some fun ideas for parties you can throw that are totally family friendly and not particularly partial to gender preferences (i.e., mermaids vs. an ocean theme), and fun for any age!

Full Disclosure: I am by no means claiming any of these ideas as original, but I do claim to use Pinterest as my all-time favorite resource for anything party planning related. What I’m helping you out with today is researching and consolidating these family themes in their simplest form. I use Pinterest for inspiration, so don’t feel like you have to find fancy paper and print out elaborate signs. Let the concept sink in, and build from there based on your own resources, budget, and space.

Do you have any fun ideas? Please share in the comments!

1. Back to School

This can truly be a celebration for parents and kids alike. Ring in the season with other families and give them a fun send-off!

2. Beach / Ocean / Nautical

Seashells, Sharks, or Sailboats! Take a little of each or just focus on one when you’re planning this swimmingly good time.

3. Builder / Construction

Don’t forget the Legos at this gathering. In fact, use them as favors or decorations. Dress-up can be orange vests and hard hats or drawings and plans on the architecture side. Tonka Trucks work well for table decor.

4. Carnival / Circus

Step right up to this colorful event! Can’t go wrong with red and white stripes, cotton candy, and balloons. Popcorn is also a versatile snack and prop.

5. Fiesta / Cinco de Mayo

Tacos & burritos all day at this one! Can also double for a Cinco de Mayo (see Seasonal / Holiday). Throw a few cactus shapes and some chili peppers and you’re golden! Don’t forget the mariachi music.

6. Game Night

There’s a space for everyone at this party! Props are best for this theme, and life-sized games are great to engage adults and kids alike. Treats shaped like game pieces can be as simple as Domino dots!

7. Jungle / Safari / Zoo

Animals galore, don’t be afraid to do some face painting, or maybe just some ears and tails for dress-up. Cut out leaves from paper to make it simple. Animal print accents.

8. Luau / Hawaiian

Bust out the tiki torches and leis, this could be as big or as simple as you like. Can’t go wrong with flowers and grass skirts. (My local Hawaii friends may go a little more traditional on this one… ) Good thing the Moana movie just came out… go with those elements and you should be good.

9. Lumberjack / Camping

I had fun with this one! (See my post here) Not living in a warm climate, it was great to throw together a rustic theme in Hawaii. Flannel, burlap, wood pieces, woodland animals, sticks. SO many directions to go with this!

10. Masquerade Ball

Get dressy for this masked event. Could double as a fancy version of Halloween, or you could use some of the decor for Oscars night. Creative disguises and dancing, can’t go wrong.

11. Movie Night / Hollywood

This can be a fun, casual get-together, one of my favorites for relaxing evening of snacking and marthon-ing with friends. If you want to get fancy, host an Oscars party on that big night once a year and dress up to walk the red carpet.

12. Pajama / Spa

This could be the most comfortable party yet. Anyone and everyone, come in your PJ’s, get your nails done or hands massaged and soak those tootsies after a hard week at work. Maybe serve breakfast… even for dinner! This is how we like to do Christmas morning.

13. Picnic / BBQ

Whether it’s lunch or dinner, red checkered tablecloths can burlap are outdoor eating staples. Burgers and dogs, potato salad and pies. Or bring some healthy sides to even out the comfort food cravings in all of us.

14. Seasonal / Holiday

Let’s start from the beginning of the year and go to the end with all the special days you could throw a party to celebrate… New Year’s, Valentine’s, President’s, St. Patricks’s, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Independence, Back to School (oooh! see above), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If you can think of more in between, awesome!

15. Sports

Root for your team and have some family friendly competition. Focus on one sport or a few different ones. Talk stats and throw a few balls around. Whether your focus is a SuperBowl gathering or the US Open, find your team colors and cheer cheer cheer with some yummy snacks.

16. Superhero

POW! Capes & masks, Batman vs. Superman. Pack a powerful punch  and have treats shaped in superhero icons. Some may already have superhero pajamas to wear (from the PJ / Spa party). Tip: Double the 4th of July Party as Captain America.

17. Time Period

Go back in time and keep the dress theme consistent with time era. Flapper girls or disco queens, top hats or bomber jackets. Pick a playlist that was popular during that era to set the scene. Save the stick on Lumberjack mustaches for this one if you do Great Gatsby 🙂

18. Tiaras & Mustaches

Simple. Everyone wears a tiara or a mustache… or both! This could be fun for a gender reveal, engagement, wedding shower, or anniversary bash. Also another opportunity to use the mustaches from time period or lumberjack parties.

19. Traveling / Globe-Trotting

This theme is fitting when someone is about to embark on an exciting trip, or maybe even moving to another country. Can’t go wrong with maps and airport lingo. Pick up a few globes from the thrift store or borrow from the Back to School theme!

20. Western / Cowboy

YeeHaw! Lassos and boots all day at this one. You can pull this off indoors or outdoors. BBQ theme would also pair well, include some of that burlap from the lumberjack party & cactus from the fiesta.

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