I never thought I liked party planning. Then I learned to use Pinterest as a tool for inspiration instead of a standard of excellence. Sharing ideas is one of the main reasons I got into blogging, and Pinterest is the idea capitol of the internet.

The reason I approach Pinterest as a tool and not a rule, is because you can’t always replicate the ideas you see exactly, and sometimes it’s just too much pressure and money to try. For instance, in favor of practicality, I got most of my items from Goodwill before I took a trip to Target. Since I threw this thing together in less than a week, I didn’t have time to get things from Amazon. So choose color schemes and keep an eye out for theme friendly items, not exactly matches. Use what you have (or what friends have) or pop in some thrift shops before you have to pay retail prices.

When we had our employee party last week, I picked this Lumberjack theme because it fit the look of the venue, and for a unique twist since we already live in luau land (Hawaii).

Here is what I put together based on the colors and textures inspiration that Pinterest gave me:

Gift Pails

Pails – 4 for $6 at Target. Would have written their names, but my chalk pen ran on the sticker material. Maybe try real chalk instead?

Lumberjack Snack Mix – (see recipe below) clear bags were $2.99 for 10 bags from Target, made top from cut up cereal boxes (same ones from the snack mix). This was a practical alternative to printing fancy ones.

Car Freshener with woodsy or tree shape – $2 each at Ross.

Bag O’ Beef Jerky – $6 for a 12 oz. bag of Steak Strips at Costco.

Axe Pens – homemade; cur card stock pieces, wrapped in aluminum foil & taped around a pen (buy package of pens here).

Stress Relief Hand Sanitizers – 5 for $6 from Bath & Body Works. Closest smell I could find in a woodsy theme, and the stress relief part was just fitting for an employee party 🙂

Flannel Filling – cut up a blanket I found at Goodwill for $5. Also used the material to make the entire rag tie banner and used the rest as a triangle table cloth.

Twigs for decor – found stalk at Goodwill for 99 cents. Cut up for all 15 buckets and had more left over.

Decor: Flannel, Burlap, Woods

Rag Tie Banner – cut up the flannel blanket I bought at Goodwill (24″ pieces) and 1 burlap table runner from Target or if you can find it cheaper wholesale if you have a craft connection. I had the rope at home but you can order one here.

Tree Trunk Coasters – I found these at target on clearance, but if you live in a wooded area and can cut them yourself! Here is another option through Amazon.

Bear Head – found this at Target for $20; it added a simple and friendly touch to the venue, can also be used as a photo station if set up around more evergreen leaves and lumber if you can! I had the SMILE banner in my kid’s room, but I’m sure it came from the Target dollar bins a few years ago.

Stick Basket – I actually found this at Goodwill! It struck me because I was looking for anything “woodsy” and figured it could be integrated somehow. Used it for our raffle drawing and sat on the gift table to add more texture to the party.

Metal 3-Tiered Tray – found this at Ross for $14. Again, I was keeping my eye out for any material that matched this theme. Raw looking metal materials went with the gruff burlap and cozy flannel. It said “woods” to me. This tray will fit in great with my vintage farmhouse theme at home!

Thank You Cards – woodland background! I needed to do thank you cards anyway to personalize each gift, they matched my theme and they were 2 packages for $7 at Target. Win.

Favors & Fun

Target also had a package of 12 stick-on mustaches in the party favor section. YES! If you get lucky and see them in your local target, get them for your next Lumberjack, Circus, or Mustaches & Tiaras party. But you can also order them here. Most people at our employee party wore them for pictures!


Hobnob is our favorite app to use for sending text invites for group events! Download on your mobile device and choose a beautiful design where guests can RSVP by responding to your text. Text link will connect to event details and even a guest chat!

In the group message I reminded everyone who RSVP’d how they might dress like a lumberjack. Most opted for the classic flannel shirt, some brought props, and most sported the mustaches or their own growth for authenticity.

We had a great time at The Nook Neighborhood Bistro in Honolulu.Their staff was very accommodating and provided and excellent menu for our private party (available for
groups on Mondays).

Theme parties are all about finding a common thread. I found that the creativity came when I wasn’t worried about finding everything at the same place, or spending all the money up front. In our case, it left room to put more thought into gifts for the employees instead of just the decorations, and we had a great time.

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