Almost everything about the prospect of homeschooling excited me when we brought Chloe home two years ago. She was at the local public charter school – a wonderful program, but still, not an environment she needed to thrive at the time.

Chloe has always marched to the beat of her own drum. As early as kindergarten, teachers would find her daydreaming in the play area or singing into the rotating fan in the corner.

She seemed to lose herself in wonder and imagination. Often.

It seemed fitting to bring her home beginning in 4th grade and offer her anything and everything that both captured her attention and grew her confidence in the wonderful identity God had given her.

Almost everything about the prospect of homeschooling excited me… almost everything.

Where I found myself hesitating were the subject matters I didn’t feel strong in: math, and science.

Thank God my husband agreed to help me with math, and while I could find pretty textbooks and interesting videos for science (sometimes), I knew she would need more instruction than what I could give her. 

I’m a word-girl by nature, in practice, and that strength serves me well here as a communicator. But in the areas where you and I feel weak, the best thing to do is ask for help, and look for resources who are strong in this area. You are not meant to handle everything, mama, and into the upper grades, the level of difficulty increases, but your support as a resource doesn’t have to. 

Experience a new Astronomy and Biology Curriculum

When I interviewed Luke and Trisha Gilkerson last year about their Sex Education series, we discovered that families like yours and mine simply do not feel equipped to tackle subjects that seem out of our depth. 

While math and science are fascinating, let’s not put pressure on ourselves to attempt it all on our own. I mean… unless you are an avid astronomy / stargazing enthusiast, don’t go out and buy a giant telescope just yet. 

I wanted to give my free and curious girl the benefit of instruction from parents who are as passionate about math and science as I am about writing. 

Journey Homeschool Academy

Check out the Gilkerson’s new Journey Homeschool Academy for courses that they built as a husband and wife team, both in astronomy, and biology!

They have basic programs for elementary and high school students in both subject areas, but will only open registration for a limited time so they can support every family effectively. 

Watch and Listen

…to our new VIDEO BLOG interview with Luke Gilkerson and hear this family’s heart behind supporting other families in their homeschooling journey. 


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