As a Christian parent, you can pass on a reasonable faith to your kids! You can embrace the power of apologetics with this valuable resource.

Meet the Author!

Hillary Morgan Ferrer is the founder of Mama Bear Apologetics.  She has a burden for providing accessible apologetics resources for busy moms. She holds a Master’s Degree in Biology and her specialties are scientific apologetics, dealing with doubt, and identifying causes and solutions for youth leaving the church.

Why Apologetics?

The root word for “Apologetics” is from the Latin apologia – to give a defense, or a reason for a certain position or conclusion.

Do you have an opinion about why something is correct? Hillary says that we are all apologists for something:

“We have reasons why we believe all sorts of things. How much more should we have reasons for why we believe what we put our eternal salvation in?” – HMF

Christianity is not merely a feel-good religion. Nor is it some tradition that we keep to be good people. It is a historically, archaeologically, philosophically, and reasonably rational faith.

What about Street Witnessing?

I talk about my experience as a teenager and why “I wanted to know that my faith was reasonable.” Eventually, the working out of my faith in youth group came down to sharing the gospel in a bold way. At that time ,this pointed street witnessing was without a foundation for every-day practical application.

Rest assured, we are all given different gifts for relating the truth of the gospel. Using our gifts and knowing what we believe begins at the feet of Jesus. There we can study His Word and pray for understanding.

Especially if you’ve grown up in church and found yourself questioning the teachings of the church, just know that your curiosity is normal, real, and deserves real answers.

Hillary Morgan Ferrer apologetics

As a Christian parent, you can pass on a reasonable faith to your kids! Embrace the power of apologetics with this valuable resource.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode


C.S. Lewis – Trilema of Liar, Lord Lunatic, from Mere Christianity 

BIOLA – Christian Apologetics Program 

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Home on Purpose

The Apologetics Antibody Analogy

Listen to how Hillary connects the idea of antibiotic resistance to learning ideological stances. Using this analogy, we can help our children to be critical thinkers. We do this by exposing them to secular ideas and then teach them to understand how to answer these ideas from a Biblical perspective.

Why Aren’t Moms Drawn to Apologetics?

Hillary helps us to consider reasons why you don’t see too many women leaning in the direction of apologetics. From personality studies with the Meyer’s Briggs assessment, researchers find trends. These results show why moms tend to value people and experiences over just logical explanations. (But we can do both!) Listen as she makes a good point about modern-day feminism and gender roles.

Hillary’s mission at Mama Bear Apologetics is to take all the ideas in the realm of philosophical apologetics, and apply it to real, every-day life. To achieve this, Hillary has the understanding that women are usually connectors. Because of this, they need to see how everything works together, and can help moms teach kids to see how reasonable their faith can be.

Uniquely Qualified

Hillary didn’t think she was equipped for this ministry to moms. Then God showed her how to slowly build, be faithful, and follow the call to help mothers build this strong foundations for your kids.

The Apologetics Burden of the Homeschool Mom 

Homeschooling can be a wonderful option, but it’s not the only way or even the best way to protect our kids from a secular worldview. We need to be ready to counter any arguments that stand against God’s Word, believing that He has equipped us with resources.

Mama, don’t be intimated by all the -isms, but seek to understand how stealthy the enemy of our souls can be in sneaking in world views that are not of God or seem so similar to Biblical Christianity that they are hardly recognizable.

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Hillary Morgan Ferrer Mama Bear Apologetics

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Hillary Morgan Ferrer Apologetics

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