Award-winning author of 7 books, Sheila Wray Gregoire is passionate about helping women to keep the intimacy alive in their marriage.

Join us today as we discuss the misunderstandings that so many women have about a fulfilling sex life.

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Meet the Author!

Sheila has been married to her husband Keith for almost 25 years and happily married for about 21. They had a rough start. But God showed them a ton–and now she’s privileged to share that with others. They have two wonderful daughters who both have ministries of their own.

Sheila loves speaking to women and encouraging them in authentic relationships with God, with their families, and with each other. You’ve likely heard of her blog–To Love, Honor and Vacuum

She writes mostly about sex and marriage. It might sound kind of strange. But it’s actually awfully fun! Her four main books are The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, 31 Days to Great Sex, 9 Thoughts That Can Change Your Marriage, and To Love, Honor and Vacuum.

Intimacy is an Option

We’ve joined hands to fight the myth that sex disappears after you get married. While there may be tough seasons of miscommunication and struggle, this special expression of love does not need to burn out.

Guess what? Sheila did not originally set out to be a sex blogger. But she was just willing and open to talk about these sensitive topics.

Listen in as Sheila answers questions like:

  • How does our culture make sex shallow?
  • What are the three ways that God made sex to be intimate?
  • How can our favorite TV shows harm out sexual relationship with our husband?
  • What are some shameful messages we may have heard about sex as young women?
  • How can we help our daughters to understand the difference between purity and virginity?
  • Why do church girls feel hesitant about having a great sex life?
  • How can we avoid giving our husband the leftovers at the end of the day?
  • How does my relationship with my husband affect our children’s emotional IQ?
sheila wray gregoire intimacy purity

Click the image to order The Good Girls Guide to Great Sex!

Billions of people have had sex. Far fewer have made love. In the Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, author Sheila Wray Gregoire helps women see how sexual intimacy was designed to be physically stupendous but also incredibly intimate. Whether you’re about to walk down the aisle or you’ve been married for decades, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex will lead you on a wonderful journey of discovery towards the amazing sex life God designed you for.

sheila wray gregoire intimacy purity
sheila wray gregoire intimacy purity

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