Many wives feel a longing to be more connected with their husbands. Begin to build a stronger marriage and become a connected wife with author and speaker Amanda Davison.

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Meet the Author!

Amanda Davison is the wife to a Minnesota farmer, mother of three, and President of the nonprofit, A Wife Like Me. She is an author and speaker, and serves on staff at her local church, where her and her husband lead the marriage mentor team. Amanda is relentlessly sharing how her education in counseling and God’s word changed her life and marriage. You can be a part of the growing community of wives on Facebook or Instagram, and can find many helpful resources for your marriage at A Wife Like Me.

A Wife Longing for Connection

Amanda was about to become a marriage and family therapist… but there was a small problem: her own marriage was suffering.

It turned out that going to church, praying, doing all the things a Christian couple should do was not reaching her soul as a wife. She wanted a divorce, and didn’t know where to turn to next. 

“I grew up in church, but I’d never opened my Bible, “ Amanda said, which is not an uncommon occurrence in the modern American church today. Unfortunately, we have so many resources at our fingertips that soaking in God’s Word often becomes an afterthought.

In this season, Amanda was at a crossroads, and a decision had to be made. Would she give up on her marriage, or give up her frustrations to God and seek healing?

Connection is Better Together

Amanda decided to turn to her community of God-fearing, relationally connected wives and ask for help. Seeking their council, she found that when we as women gather together, we are better able to impact marriages and intentionally fight for one another.

It’s important to remember that the enemy of our should does not want our marriages to thrive. He knows that marriage is the backbone of the family.

According to her research and polling of hundreds of women in the A Wife Like Me community, 70% of wives express that they want a deeper connective alone time with their husbands. Typically, they’re just not sure how to connect in a meaningful way.

 Amanda says, “I didn’t set out to put this together… God showed me how to gather the contributor wives and that’s how Dear Wife was born.”

A Safe Place for Wives to Connect and Grow

Often times, women don’t feel like they have a safe place to connect with others. As a result, they want to believe that they’re not just going to hear what they want to hear, but that someone will be bold enough to challenge them. Additionally, most women are reporting that they long to hear the truth, and to be uncomfortable enough to change for the better, to become connected wives.

Real change doesn’t happen when we’re too comfortable.

A Wife Like Me Gathering is open to wives everywhere. It’s Amanda’s Facebook group that serves as a community group online. It’s a place to be fed and get real, honest, authenticity about marriage.

Amanda says:

“So often we think it’s going to take something big… like a big shift in our marriage. So often it’s just in those small moments of every day to take the opportunities to humble ourselves or trust that God is working something out in us. Lean in and let go and trust that God will lead your heart somewhere.”

Be a Connected Wife

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amanda davison connected wives

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Do you wish you had more alone time with your husband? Do you desire deeper intimacy and love with your husband?
Feeling intimately connected is what every wife desires. Dear Wife provides you with twenty-six heart-changing invitations to discover how Christ desires connection with you and how through connection with Christ, you’ll develop deeper connection with your husband and become a connected wife.

amanda davison connected wives
amanda davison connected wives

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