Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the natural inclinations of women who need to have everything under control, and how they can peacefully walk in their calling.

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 About the Author

Jennifer is a big fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music, bright lipstick, and Netflix binges. She and her husband are raising crops, pigs, a herd of cats, and two beautiful humans on the Lee family farm in Iowa. Jennifer is the author of Love Idol, The Happiness Dare, and It’s All Under Control.

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It’s All Under Control

“If you want something done, find a busy woman to do it.”

For as long as she could remember, Jennifer resembled this remark. Always available to help and solve problems, even if there was already too much on her plate.

When you’re a natural “doer,” there is almost no end to what your heart says you can accomplish. Doing all the things can become part of who you feel you are, and can also quickly lead to burnout. But without the permission to rest and trust God, our efforts may leave you empty and disappointed.

Getting Parenting Under Control

If we’re honest, we’re probably doing more for our kids than we need to be.

Wait, what? How can doing more for them be harmful?

Jennifer shares that she was actually teaching her kids to depend on her more than she was teaching them to be self-sufficient. Letting go of the reigns enough to let them grow is a beautiful part of parenting.

Jennifer also addresses the difference between a helicopter and a lawnmower parent, and how we can be at peace with raising our children when we learn how to hold our plans loosely. With kids, It always feels like the stakes are high, and that sense of urgency to guide and instruct can often overshadow the grace they need to see in us.

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Getting Life Under Control Isn’t All Bad

“You can actually be an achiever, and love Jesus at the same time.”

In this episode, we address what healthy vs. unhealthy control looks like, and how you can tell if you’re coming close to that line. (I’ll give you a clue: fear is often an indicator that control is controlling you!)

The need to have things under control can also be assessed my understanding ourselves better. Jennifer talks about how the Enneagram (a tool used for understanding personality traits), helped her to come to terms with her own need to achieve and help others.

When Church Leaders Can’t Keep Things Under Control

Lastly, we address the issue of church leadership, why so many Christians are burnt out while doing great things for God, and how three simple words can lead to a healthier ministry life.

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Help get your control under control, and find the peace you almost thought wasn’t possible.

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