Parenting is about learning to go with the flow, especially in the early years when these tiny humans seem to be running the show. Listen in on my convo with author McKinley Rich and find freedom in this busy season of life.

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Parenting Littles is Wonderfully Unpredictable

Parenting is unpredictable because… well, humans. We can’t hang your hat on one parenting ideology or schedule and say, “This is how it will be in our house… because I said so.”

Abiding in the Fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23), you can’t go wrong when you’re living in the Spirit.

No amount of pressure from the world standards should make us feel like we’re not good parents.

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    The Motherhood Dilemma

    We all have the same amount of time in the day, and we can choose to fill that time with these six different things:

    1. Family (kids / husband)
    2. Friends
    3. Working
    4. Household (cleaning + errands)
    5. Gym (working out)
    6. Sleeping

    You can only ever do three of these things well at one time. But its so freely to know that you get to focus on these three areas. This doesn’t mean it’s forever, but for changing seasons in life.

    It also doesn’t mean that you can’t do more than three things at once, it just means you won’t do them WELL…and take it from me, sister, when you try to pile on more things, attention to the others always falls by the wayside.

    Wisdom says to only take on three and no more so that the family you have is loved and cared for. When the other pieces of this dilemma fall by the wayside, there’s more grace in saying, “I have chosen my three to do well, and I am content with that.”

    The trouble comes when we compare ourselves to other people and think they’re doing all six things. They’re probably not! Or they’re probably killing themselves to get them all done well.

    When you’re a natural Martha, it’s easy to sacrifice the time spent with your kids to worrying about the house being in a particular order. But the thing about parenting littles at this stage is being able to give up some of that order to make space for them to learn and grow, and do that in the physical and emotional safety of their own home.

    I Tried to Juggle It All…

    …and God brought me home from a job that I placed about my family. Read more in my article: Losing Myself: How One Mom Finally Came Home.

    Don’t take your time at home with them for granted. It’s still important to maximize our time in the home.

    They’re God’s kids anyway… we can’t screw them up!

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