Week 13: What is the atomic number?

The atomic number is the number of protons in the nucleus of an atom, which is also the number of electrons in a neutral atom. 

Here is our version of a simple atomic model game for kids to practice placing protons, neutrons, & electrons. Just get a piece of cardboard (in this case, a piece of a box leftover from something we bought), 3 colored markers & some pom poms to represent each part of the atom. We downloaded the flashcards below to practice representing each element’s atomic number.

Watch the video below of a young man named Dan demonstrate a similar game with Play Doh and a dry erase board!

WEEK 14: What is an element

An element is a basic chemical substance defined by its atomic number (number of protons) and atomic mass.

Use the flashcards to practice naming each element, then pointing out the atomic number and atomic mass.

WEEK 15: What are some parts of an atom?


Help kids draw out and label or create out of styrofoam or Play Doh. Have fun with it!

The Periodic Table of Elements in Pictures & Words

CLICK HERE or on the image below for the download page

  • Free downloads of 4 easy to learn versions of the table & elements
  • Cut out flash cards
  • Full sheets of each element
  • Atomic orbitals
  • 2 versions of particle models

Periodic Table Videos

This interactive table from Ted Ed has a video lesson on each element! Click on individual squares to learn the elements each week.

Just for fun 🙂

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