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Hey there! I’m Jenn

I created Practical Family

as a safe place to

stop and rest in the midst

of busy mom life. If you

struggle with feeling like

a not good-enough mom,

believe me…

I am right there with you.





"A breath of fresh air!"

Thank goodness for this podcast. It’s so spirit-filled and REAL! It’s perfect for when I need some answers or affirmation. I just love it! Thank you Jennifer for the work that you put into this production! -Blessings from the DMV! (DC/Maryland/Virginia area)


"Real Topics for Families"

Raising a family is a hard task and in a world that is vying for our kids attention it takes faith in our homes, church community and resources. Practical family provides great support and faith based resources for parents!

Cheri Fletcher

"God-centered, informative, and insightful"

Such a great podcast for parents who desire to raise children to be all that God has designed them to be. They also provide links to all of their recommendations and resources! Thank you!

So Much Wisdom

"Always a Treat"

I enjoy looking through the archives because there is always something I want to learn more about or be encouraged in or to pass on to encourage someone else!

Overflow of Hope

"Great Heart, Practical Tips"

I love how real and vulnerable Jennifer Bryant is in these podcasts. She is on the journey with us and asks questions that never occurred to me, but once she asks them its obvious I should have! What a blessing to get to listen to these ! So great!


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Need More Connection? 

If you need more specific guidance right now, Jenn offers one to one virtual coaching. Visit her coaching page below and request a personal consulation.

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