Imagine two families going on a beach vacation together. To keep things even, let’s say both families have two kids each, the exact same ages, and they’re staying in the same hotel, with the same size rooms across the hall from each other.

Let’s also say that each member of each family has packed the exact same amount. The only difference is that one family is deliberate, and the other is impulsive.

The Deliberates and the Impulsives

The Deliberate family started packing a few days before the trip, so the morning of the flight was calm and pleasant. Everyone had their boarding pass printed before they left the house, and they made it to the airport with time to spare.

The Impulsive family didn’t begin packing until the night before the trip, and mom spent most of that time making sure they had the perfect matching outfits for photos on the beach. Even though they packed the same amount, their suitcases were not organized well, and the morning of the flight was spent scrambling to find chargers and sunglasses.

They rushed to the airport, had to wait in line to print boarding passes, and barely made it to the gate on time. When the two families met up at the hotel, the Impulsives were already a little grumpy. They didn’t want to waste any vacation time, so they dug around in their suitcases, threw on their swimsuits, and headed right down to the beach.


Trisha Childers is a military wife, a stay at home mother of two, and contributing writer here at Practical Family. Through her Home On Purpose series, she uses her gifts of organization and planning to coach other women on decluttering, downsizing, an organizing their homes.  She believes that when the house itself is easy to live in and easy to maintain, we are free to spend that extra energy on something more important: the people who live in it!