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Have you had enough of not feeling like enough?

There are so many things that convince us we’re not enough, and that trying harder is the only solution.

Unmet expectations frustrate us.

Comparison steals our joy.

Hoping others will change isn’t realistic.

More usually isn’t better. …so we’re saying:

Enough, already.

Find the courage to be confident in your calling!

About The Book

Enough Mom: Find Courage to be Confident in the Calling” is a heartfelt and transformative journey that explores the universal struggles and triumphs of motherhood. Through personal anecdotes, biblical wisdom, and practical insights, this book invites mothers to embrace their enoughness in Christ and find joy in the midst of life’s challenges. With compassion and understanding, it addresses the common fears, doubts, and insecurities that many mothers face, offering hope, encouragement, and practical tools for cultivating a life of purpose and fulfillment.

“Enough Mom” is a must-read for every mother who has ever struggled with feelings of inadequacy, comparison, or self-doubt. With raw honesty and vulnerability, this book speaks directly to the heart of the motherhood experience, offering a lifeline of hope and encouragement for those who are weary and burdened. Through its pages, readers will find the permission to be imperfect, the courage to embrace their unique journey, and the confidence to trust in God’s plan and provision for their lives.

Whether you are a new mom, a seasoned veteran, or somewhere in between, this book will meet you right where you are and guide you towards a life of greater peace, purpose, and fulfillment in Christ.

Embrace the messiness and imperfection of motherhood, knowing that it’s okay to not have it all together all the time.

What’s inside


Personal Stories

Reflections from the author’s journey through motherhood


Biblical Truth

Principles for finding peace and purpose in Christ


Practical Tips

Strategies for overcoming common struggles and challenges



Inspiration for embracing your unique strengths and gifts as a mother



Tips on cultivating healthy relationships, boundaries, and self-care practices


Reflective Questions

Prompts for personal growth and application

Chapter 1

Embracing Your Worthiness in Motherhood

As I sit down to write these words, I’m reminded of the countless moments I’ve spent questioning my worthiness as a mother. The doubts, the fears, the relentless comparisons – they’ve all taken their toll on my spirit, leaving me feeling inadequate and unsure of myself. But today, as I embark on this journey of rediscovering my enoughness in motherhood, I’m filled with a renewed sense of hope and purpose.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with the need to please others, to meet their expectations, and to earn their approval. Growing up, I was praised for being the “good girl” who always followed the rules and never caused trouble. But beneath the surface, there was a constant battle raging within me – a battle between the desire to conform and the longing to be true to myself.

As I entered motherhood, this struggle only intensified. Suddenly, I found myself thrust into a world where everyone seemed to have an opinion on how I should raise my children – from well-meaning relatives to judgmental strangers on social media. And try as I might to block out the noise and stay true to my instincts, I couldn’t shake the nagging feeling that I was somehow falling short.

One particularly challenging moment stands out in my memory. It was a sunny afternoon, and I was at the park with my two young children. As I watched them play, my mind began to wander, and before I knew it, I found myself scrolling through my Instagram feed, comparing my life to the carefully curated highlight reels of other mothers. Suddenly, the joy and contentment I had felt just moments before were replaced by a deep sense of inadequacy.

In that moment, I realized something profound – I had allowed other people’s opinions to dictate my sense of self-worth. I had become so consumed with trying to live up to some impossible standard of perfection that I had lost sight of the unique beauty and value of my own journey.

But as I reflected on this realization, a quiet voice whispered to my heart – a voice that spoke not of condemnation, but of compassion; not of judgment, but of grace. It was the voice of God, reminding me of His unfailing love and acceptance.

What Does God Say About Your Enoughness?

In the midst of my struggles, I turned to the pages of Scripture for guidance and reassurance. And there, in the timeless truths of God’s Word, I found a message of hope and redemption.

Psalm 139:14 became my anthem – “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” These words spoke directly to my soul, reminding me that my worthiness as a mother was not contingent upon my ability to meet the expectations of others, but on the unconditional love and grace of my Creator.

Similarly, 2 Corinthians 12:9 became a source of strength in my moments of weakness – “But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.'” These words served as a powerful reminder that it was okay to embrace my imperfections, knowing that God’s grace was more than enough to cover them all.

When Will You Have Enough Worrying and Comparing?

As I delved deeper into my journey of faith and self-discovery, I began to ask myself a question – when will I have enough worrying and comparing? When will I finally let go of the need to constantly measure myself against others and simply embrace the unique path that God has set before me?

The answer, I soon realized, was simple – enough is enough. I could spend a lifetime chasing after the elusive mirage of perfection, but in the end, it would only leave me exhausted and disillusioned. It was time to break free from the cycle of worrying and comparing and embrace the freedom that comes from knowing that I am enough, just as I am.

Key Takeaways

  • Challenge limiting beliefs: Recognize that the negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back are not truths but conditioned patterns of thinking that can be challenged and changed.
  • Trust in God’s provision: Rest in the assurance that God’s grace is more than sufficient to cover your weaknesses and inadequacies as a mother.
  • Practice gratitude: Cultivate a heart of thankfulness for the blessings in your life, both big and small, and let go of the need to constantly compare yourself to others.
  • Lean on prayer and Scripture: Turn to God in prayer and immerse yourself in His Word to find strength, wisdom, and peace in your journey as a mother.

Questions for Reflection:

  • How have other people’s opinions shaped your sense of self-worth as a mother?
  • In what ways can you align your thoughts about motherhood with God’s truth as revealed in Scripture?
  • What are some specific blessings in your life for which you can thank God?
  • How will you prioritize prayer and Scripture reading to cultivate faith and peace in your motherhood journey?



An easy-to read ebook, designed with the busy mom in mind. Devotional style reflection questions allow the reader to take their time and go at their own pace. 

Raising a family is a hard task and in a world that is vying for our kid's attention it takes faith in our homes, church community and resources. Jennifer provides great support and faith based resources for parents!

Cheri Fletcher

Writer & Speaker

In an age where moving past platitudes and band-aid solutions to our most pressing family needs, Jenn speaks to both who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow. Biblically grounded theology presented in a logical method make her presentations an entertaining, educational, and exceptional resource. Her words help guide listening hearts and minds towards embracing living fully in our Fathers world.

Jordan Marzan

Attorney & homeschooled student

Every day is a learning experience for everyone. It was a true blessing to have another mothers perspective on how to get the children more involved.

Jen Alvaro

Mother of 2

About the author.

Strengthening mothers to live out their God-given calling and cultivate emotionally healthy homes 

Jennifer Bryant is an expressive educational and inspirational speaker who helps women live simply, love deeply and lead well. Through authentic, lighthearted-but-insightful anecdotes, stories, and Scriptures, she’ll help you feel accepted and lead you into the freedom to relax, be yourself, and feel loved by God. 

Jenn is an educator by profession and personality. Born the oldest of four kids in a small town in Southern California, she is fascinated by new experiences, what makes people tick & how to find practical solutions. She holds a B.A. from California Baptist University in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Bible Theology, Philosophy, Apologetics, a minor in English, teaching credential, and training in Early Childhood Education.

Jennifer Bryant

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