Special Offer for What If Conference Attendees

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45 minute Strategy Session



  • Strategy session with Jenn to discuss a project or project idea
  • Recorded Zoom call to access again at your convenience
  • Customized plan of action
  • Discount on future coaching packages (if you choose to continue)
  • Confidence to move forward in your giftings to affect positive change!

(Topics I commonly address are listed below)

Offer Ends Soon! Schedule by October 31st

As a Christian woman, I can help you to...

  • Understand how to study the Bible
  • Navigate using your gifts to serve in your local church or community
  • Help you discover you unique, God-given gifts
  • Find your identity as a child of God & daughter of the King

As a Wife, I can help you to...

  • Know you're not alone in the struggle to have a healthy marriage
  • Love your husband even when it's difficult
  • Walk through strategies for better communication

As a Mother, I can help you to...

  • Talk through the rough days of parenting infants, toddlers, & school-aged children
  • Navigate the transition from work to home
  • Come up with a plan to manage your household, conquer clutter, and find organizational systems that work for you
  • See how your unique qualities are just what your family needs

As an Educator, I can help you to...

  • Decide which path of education might be beneficial for your kids
  • Find courage to embrace your strengths to teach your children
  • Come up with resources & teaching strategies that may work best for your children

As a Business owner, I can help you to...

  • Decide which tasks and tools are necessary to manage your business
  • Organize goals in time increments that work for you
  • Market your business through social media avenues

As a Writer & Blogger, I can help you to...

  • Take your strengths and use them to create meaningful content
  • Find tools to design your brand & manage content
  • Market your brand across social media

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