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“Waste always makes me angry, and that’s all this is: sheer waste!” – Rhett Butler

Even as a child, that line caught my ear. Waste does indeed make me angry. A mom who wastes hours every week nagging her children because they won’t pick up their toys. A woman who runs herself ragged taking care of an uncooperative house. A husband and wife who spend their precious time together bickering because they’re constantly tripping over each other’s things. I use the word “waste” because taking care of your home does not have to be this hard!

I created Home On Purpose to help women stop wasting their time and energy needlessly. With a little thoughtful intentionality, these problems can be solved, the weights can be lifted, and the result is freedom!

About Trisha

Trisha Childers is a military wife and a stay at home mother of two. Through her ministry Home On Purpose, she uses her gifts of organization and planning to coach other women on decluttering, downsizing, and organizing their homes. Trisha and her family currently live in Colorado Springs, and she produces video series that reach women all over the U.S. as a regular contributor for Practical Family

Speaking Topics

If your women’s group, mom’s group, or bible study would be interested in learning more, please contact me about speaking at your next event. Below are a few examples of topics I am ready to speak on, but I can tailor a workshop or conference specifically to the needs of your group. Click the little plus sign on the right for more details about each message.

Raising Children Who Help

From the moment we encourage our first baby to hold their own bottle, we begin the process of delegating tasks to our children. Significant milestones such as potty training make us tired mamas breathe a huge sigh of relief. Yet, often as our children gradually grow past toddlerhood, we do not always notice when they have become capable of more. From doing laundry to making lunches, learn how to train your children to help out more. As we do so, we not only reduce our own task list, we will raise mature adults who take responsibility for themselves and the home they live in.

(Topics: Parenting; Home Maintenance)

The Power of Prep

An ounce of prep ahead of time can save a pound of work later! Often something as simple as timing can make the same tasks in the same home easier. Learn practical strategies for becoming as efficient as possible, so we can spend less time working and more time living!

(Topics: Home-Maintenance; Household Chore Routines)

The Epic Battle of Pack-Rat vs. Minimalist

When one spouse is constantly getting rid of stuff, while the other is constantly bringing more home, they are caught in an endless cycle of frustration. Whichever side you find yourself on, learn strategies for finding a peaceful balance.

(Topics: Marriage; Decluttering Downsizing; Home Organization)

Other Topics Include...

  • Is It Okay to Be Overwhelmed?
  • Efficient Meal Planning
  • Raise Children that Work for What they Want
  • House-Cleaning Doesn’t Have to Kill You
  • Dealing with Digital Clutter
    … and much more!

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Trisha’s personal consultation for my son’s room was a huge help! My 9 year old son has ADHD and many of his struggles affect cleaning, organizing, and determining what to keep and what to throw away.

Trisha was an amazing listener and she put together a plan that was specific for our family, full of step by step instructions and details that broke this HUGE job down enough that we could handle it.

My son is feeling so much freedom now that he is not suffocated by a crazy room! Mom and Dad learned a lot, too. It’s been a few weeks and his room STILL looks great…most importantly, we haven’t been fighting about it!

Annie Nichols

Homeschool Mom

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