Hi, my name is Jenn, and I’m a nail-biter. When I get stressed, I chew. I don’t know why, but once I was old enough to get a real manicure, having nice nails finally became a reality.

Back in high school, it was cool to have your nails manicured with acrylic powder, filed and painted, only to return in two weeks for a “fill” and go through the 1.5 – 2 hour process again. $40 – $80 later (depending on the paint design and any other embellishments, always at an extra charge), I walked out with pretty hands and a lot less money.

Comedienne, Anjelah Johnson does a hilarious bit about a stereotypical nail shop experience. See the video here called “Beautiful Nail.”

I tried to grow my own nails, but after years of acrylic drilling and scraping, it left my natural nails thin and brittle. I went without pretty hands while I was raising young babies, and eventually it became one of those indulgences that I wanted to invest in again.

But it didn’t make sense to spend $120 + not including tip, and 2 hours of my day. Then my sister introduced me to these press-on nails.

I honestly didn’t think they would work as well as they did. The application is so easy, no mess! No glue, just a sticker backing that you peel off and press. It’s important to clean the nail bed with the alcohol wipe included in the package, but I picked up a small box of alcohol wipes to have on hand.

Photo Below Left

I posted this pic on Instagram when my son used my lipstick to pretend he was bleeding (boys, right?), but people kept commenting on my nails! Every time I wear a set of these nails, ladies notice, and I’m so excited to tell them that they’re press-on!

Photo Below Right

This week I did some gardening with this pretty set, not without gloves of course, but with the regular force you need with tools and handling soil, these nails are very durable. The material is also very flexible, and comfortable to wear.

Each box includes 24 colored nails plus 6 accent nails, usually worn on the ring fingers. There are enough nails in the box for two sets. The longest I’ve worn a set without peeling was 9 days. Then I just replaced them for another week.

The adhesive under each nail is advertised as waterproof, and they are right. Over a week of doing mom tasks (dishes 3 + times a day, bathing kids, swimming, gardening… I even refinished a table with them on without damage).

It’s important when applying to follow the directions exactly. Press down firmly and wait at least an hour to wash hands or use hands roughly. I like to put them on at night after housework and shower is done and right before bed.

Totally Worth It

I went from paying $60 + every two weeks to $7.99 per box, maybe twice a month, depending on which cute designs are out. You can also order from their website here!

Mamas, this is such a practical way to have pretty nails and not spend extra time or money. I’ll keep some nail polishes around to keep my toes painted, but I’m not messing with that mess on my nails anymore. Pick up this cute option and let me know how you like them!

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