Most people will face a move at some point in their life. Some of you may already know that my husband is active duty military, which means our family moves around a LOT.  Even though I’ve found ways to make the process easier . . . 

Moving will always be mentally, physically, and emotionally draining. 

That’s why when a family is getting ready to move (especially in the military community!), we all rally around them and help as much as we can. 

I’d like to share a quick story . . .

I was helping a friend of mine (I’ll call her Kelly) about five years ago.  Kelly’s family was set to move a couple of months later, and she was frustrated with their toy situation.  During the previous three years, they had accumulated an insane amount of toys.  She was desperate to downsize before the move. 

She had done a little downsizing the previous spring.  Although her two young sons grumbled, they had ultimately gone along with it.  But not this time. 

This time those boys put up a fight!

Whenever she even brought up the idea, she was met with resistance, yelling, and even tears.  Very unusual for her kids.  Kelly was so surprised, she didn’t know what to do. 

When she came to me for help, I encouraged her to see the situation from her boys’ point of view.  They were 4 and 6 years old, so this was their first “real” move. 

In their eyes, their friends were being taken away.  Their schools were being taken away.  Their neighborhood, their house, their soccer team, it was all being snatched from them without their permission. 

And now Mommy wants to take their toys away too? 

Nope!  Not going to happen!

I think Kelly already understood this on a deeper level, but her excitement to delete the excess had taken over.  After our conversation, she realized . . . 

Although the project was important, this was not the right time. 

This happens a lot when I help a client get ready to move.  

There is always a project she wishes she had time to finish first.  We hate the idea of packing a bunch of stuff we won’t end up keeping.  There is always a category of stuff that needs to be decluttered, downsized, and better organized.  But starting a big project that you don’t have time to finish will only make the move harder.  Kelly accepted that she couldn’t delete any toys before the move. 

But she could still make progress!

I showed her a strategic way to organize and pack the toys that made setting up the new house much easier.  And it worked! 

Kelly’s frustration was eased knowing that she was being productive.  The boys were relieved that they could take all their toys with them.  When they got to the new house, the extra toys did not get in the way.  And after a month or so, when everyone had emotionally transitioned, downsizing the toys was a breeze.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my suggestions for Kelly (and the other clients who I have helped move) would become the basis for what is now the Home On Purpose MOVING MINI-SERIES. 

In three short lessons I will help you set clear goals, get organized, discover effective packing strategies, and ultimately make your new home function better than the last!

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