Last month I was inspired to write about Mom Fashion and featured my good friend Silke Bump. Her simple style is all about comfort and flexibility, and she loves to spice up an outfit with cute accessories.

But what she’s also found as an outlet for her creativity is also a fun way to make money at home. Last year, she began working with Keep Collective, a custom-designed keepsake jewelry company. I went to visit her at home, and check out her casual “office” space (A.K.A the kitchen table) Follow the rest of our conversation here:

So you work a little bit from home now, selling custom accessories! When did you discover Keep Collective, and what about it sparked the interest?

At first, I wanted to try and contribute to our family finances, and do something while I stayed at home. A friend of my Mom was selling them, she introduced it to me (Mom knew how much I loved jewelry). I’m super excited because it allows me to work from home. I was nervous at the beginning because I’m not a natural salesperson, but mom encouraged me that it was another skill that would be good for me to learn. 

It’s been fun! I make a lot of connections and friendships with people. Fun to help people put together something meaningful that represents their family or goals. It’s a very personal business, and fun to hear their stories and help them put that together. 

How has finding Keep Collective impacted your life? 

Keep has allowed me to still be creative while being a stay-at-home mom. I love art, fashion, and just being creative. Designing something for a customer or myself, helping others has been an outlet for my creative soul. I get to play with jewelry as a job! People say if you love what you do, you won’t have to work a day in your life, and that’s exactly what it does for me. It’s truly something I look forward to every day. Taking ideas and harnessing them into something that helps other people just fills your soul. 

The Design Session

There are a few basic ways to design a custom piece. From bracelets to necklaces, keychains, pendants, and watches. Your designer will help you search through Keep’s charms for inspiration. Looking through the website will offer a ton of great ideas.


Meet with a Design Consultant

She will answer your questions about the product and help you find charms that are best for your specific inspiration.

Use the Design Studio

Play with and save different charms, create a Wish List, or save an idea for later. You can move pieces around and place them on the colored band to see what you’re getting before you order. It will also give a total at the bottom so you can find a price that is right for you.


Host a Party

Your designer consultant can make this happen online through Facebook or help you host a party in your own home. This is nice because people will get to handle the charms, try on pieces, and see how vividly the colors stand out when they’re actually wearing it.

I ordered bracelets in a single and double band to match the colors I wear the most, and some keepsakes that represent my blogging journey. I put the double-banded piece together the other day when I was having a mental block before I sat down to type. It reminded me to keep moving forward, and “believe” that great things are coming and to be diligent in my writing and sharing.

We all need a little inspiration sometimes. Silke paired her favorite mom t-shirt with some Keep charms and made a fun statement. There are so many possibilities with this product, check it out today and make a statement of your own!


To find out more about Keep Collective Jewelry, visit Silke’s website and social media pages here!


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