Talking to Kids About Sex

I wasn’t ready for this.  My eight-year-old daughter was reading though the book of Genesis to me out loud. We were sitting on the couch one day when she came to the scene of Lot and Sodom & [...]

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I Want to See You Be Brave

It was 1814 and the thirteen colonies were in the throes of the War of 1812, fighting against the British, both of whom had captured prisoners. Baltimore lawyer, Francis Scott Key, was sent out [...]

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How to Grow an Indoor Garden

Grow your own vegetables in virtually any space "What? I could barely grow seeds in styrofoam cup in kindergarten. How am I supposed to grow an indoor garden?" What if growing a garden was not only [...]

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6 Things We Learned About Party Planning with Family

My sister and I survived two family parties in two weeks! After deciding not to kill each other, we sat down and came up with six things we learned from party planning with family. It's [...]

Cultivating Creativity: How the Captain Underpants Series Encouraged my Son to Read

Title Photo Credit: If you have spent any length of time around young children, I don't have to tell you that there is nothing more entertaining than potty humor. You know... the burp and fart noises, [...]

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The Men Who Gave their Lives for Mine

Last year on Memorial Day, we gathered with friends to potluck. At one point, the host asked us to share in the group what significance this holiday held for us. I shared that my grandfather, [...]

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Party Resources

We love to support family businesses, so here are some invitation options to spice up your party! These companies are created and operated by families just like you. Check out their concepts by clicking on the images below, and be inspired for your next event or business project.