Ready to get unstuck from that negative parenting cycle?

When you take this course as a group, you will all gain:

Freedom from negative parenting patterns

A clear sense of purpose and confidence

Practical parenting tools that build life-long character

The joy of seeing your kids grow in wisdom and respect

The ability to see God’s grace like never before

Only 15 spots available!

Testimonies from the Spring 2022 Class

Made Me Think

This class made me stop to think why I’m impatient, getting mad and yelling… is it to discipline him, or because I have no self-control? Maybe I didn’t have the tools to handle it maturely. It made me pause to discover what was the real intention behind our actions, and gave me better words to expanded my vocabulary for disciplining him. It redirected my focus.

Joann, Single Mom of 1

Coming Out of Isolation

I was raised with a like it or leave it mentality. You don’t do it, you get the spanking. That mindset won’t work for the long term. They will obey out of fear instead of understanding what’s truly important. Growing them into responsible adults who can critically think is the most important goal. I would really encourage parents to take this course. Families have been so isolated, especially during COVID. The group connection and hearing other people’s stories was so helpful. So many resources and lessons from other generations that was so useful.

Christina, Mom of 2

Understand What They're Feeling

The Discipline that Connects class taught us that we need to step back and understand what the child is feeling and emphasize with them. That way, they don’t feel challenged and are able to hear us and accept correction more easily.

David & Tabitha, Parents of 4

Testimonies from the Fall 2022 Class

Jennifer Bryant will facilitate discussion time for this course taught by Jim & Lynn Jackson of Connected Families. Jenn has served at One Love Ministries for over 15 years and specializes in education and parent support. Jenn has trained and worked in the California and Hawaii public schools, private Christian education, early childhood education, and is currently a homeschooling mom. 

Jenn founded PracticalFamily.org and is passionate about helping parents work through the struggles of parenting and grow in love and understanding for their kids and themselves. Jenn is a mom of two teens and one fur-baby. 

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