If you’ve ever rented a living space, you may be familiar with the limited options for utilizing wall space. Our rental contract prohibits holes in the wall, so it challenged me to come up with alternative ways to mount bulky items.

Using the wall space to hang something to get out of your closet or off the floor. My guitar is an oddly shaped item to begin with, for someone else it might be skateboards or skis. It was something I wanted to be visible so I would be motivated to practice and make more room in the closet.

How do you install a wall-mounted rack when you can’t put holes in the wall? 

I would have to build my own “wall” – use another material between the mount and the actual wall. Looking at the space between the window frame and corner closet frame, I figured something would have to be wedged to connect there.

Also knowing that what I wanted to hang would carry vertical and not horizontal weight – gravity pulls the bulk of the guitar weight straight down and not out and down like weight held on a wide bookshelf. I needed to build a simple structure that could handle vertical pressure. 

This is the only screw I used in the whole project. Attached

to the top of the window frame where it would never be seen

Measured and wedged final piece to keep T bar from falling forward

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