This piece has been my absolute favorite find to date! I am so in love with the beautiful curves of French style furniture so when I saw this piece at ReUse Hawaii, I had to have it. It was only $40.00 and I nabbed it right before another lady could get her hands on it. I admit, I did feel guilty because I’m not a very competitive person, but this one was too good to get away.


I first brought it home to our dark and dreary apartment and set it up in the corner of the living room as my work desk. A few months later we got into our cottage that has nice corner windows in the bedrooms and it fit there perfectly.  

The color is better seen here, it was more of a tan color that the previous owner had painted. It didn’t fit with the color scheme of my bedroom as I wanted to keep it even lighter and more in the white and gray pallets. It also had this weird vinyl desk cover on top which was already peeling up in the humid air. I could have glued it down more if I wanted to keep it, but it was an awkward shade of pink. I just peeled off the whole thing and sanded / painted right over it.


I referenced colors from the HGTV Rustic Refined Collection on the Sherwin Williams website. This pallet is exactly the style I’m going for in my home, so it was great to have the help to compliment colors without having to guess!

hgtv-rustic-refined-room    rustic-color-pallet

I had the guy at Sherwin Williams mix me a sample can of “Creamy,” as true white may have been too harsh against the walls in the house, so I thought a milky cream color would give it a softer finish.




I began by removing the drawers and lightly sanding the entire table with a medium grit sandpaper. Important to get the inside of the legs as they will still be seen from standing view. I used a common white water-based primer with a small roller and used a finishing brush for the hard to reach crevices. Rolling made for a smooth finish as I wanted to keep this piece looking as elegant as possible. Primer dried in about an hour.


I used the roller again for two coats of paint, catching the miscellaneous drips to make sure it finished out smooth. Each coat on the table was followed by a coat on the three drawer faces as well so that everything dried at once.



I used a water-based polycrylic clear coat to finish the table. (Important to use water-based materials together, do not mix with oil-based) One or two coats is all you need, could do more if the table top will be used a lot. There are different options for finishes including polyurethane and finishing wax (usually used over chalk paint). Here are some more tips on the difference between polycrylic and polyurethane.



I found these beautiful silver drawer pull pieces at the hardware store. I love how they compliment the clean color finish.

Finished Product

This newly refinished desk sits so well against our window, and with that beautiful view of the Diamond Head Crater, I can’t help but be inspired! My favorite place to work in the house and a girly desk that I can call my own.

Share some of your French inspired creations!


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