Patio sets are always fun pieces to have for enjoying the outdoors. We bought this wrought iron set a few years ago along with four chairs. When we lived in a small apartment, our common area space got very hot and it was uncomfortable to sit on hot iron. At the time, I wasn’t very motivated to buy pillows and such, so the table just sat against our outside wall and chairs were stacked most of the time.

When we moved to a cottage that had a bit of a yard, I began to look at the pieces we had. I did not like this rusty black thing one bit. Since I had been on a refinishing craze, it occurred to me that maybe this ugly piece of metal could actually be a pretty asset to our yard.

IMG_1126     IMG_1127


The best option I have been told to paint wrought iron furniture is Rustoleum spray paint. Prep your surface beforehand by wiping down with a damp towel and maybe take a wire brush to any paint that is chipping or significant rust spots. Wipe down again and allow to dry before painting. Follow the instructions on the can to ensure proper coverage.

I found it was wiser to begin painting the underside of each piece first, let dry, and flip over to the front. One coat was all it took and no need to prime before as this paint was made for outdoor furniture and will last for a while. I allowed all pieces to set for a few days before we used them, just to be safe.


I chose this type of Rustoleum paint at our local hardward store. The middle color in satin “Slate Blue” seems to be a nice muted blue color for the outside. You could also do bold fun colors like a bright red, yellow, or green, but I’m going for that peaceful calming garden feel.

My WorkspaceIMG_1131

It’s important that when you are using spray paint that the area be very well ventilated. I set our beach pop-up tent out in the front yard to cover from the sun while I worked on these projects. The old area rug from our apartment now serves as a protective mat for all the painting, but you can use any kind of tarp or painters plastic from the hardware store.

Final Product

I love how this color came out! Such a sweet color against the green grass and bushes. The kids have enjoyed using it when friends come over and they are wet from running around outside in the sprinklers. Great outdoor option to keep their damp little bodies outside and off the inside furniture.

IMG_1129     IMG_1128

I hope to eventually find an outdoor umbrella for this set and maybe some cushiony pillows that can withstand the moisture outside. Until then, I am pleased to have transformed this rusty patio set into a pretty garden table for the whole family.

Please share your Rustoleum transformations!


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