I’ve played many sports through the years, and I can tell you that the best coaches never try to have all the answers, but they always try to push you to be your best.

Life coaches are very similar:

  • They listen to your biggest struggles
  • They ask questions that help you to problem-solve
  • They walk alongside and help you discover new strategies and strengths
  • They challenge you to grow and learn from your experiences
  • They encourage and cheer for you when you get the win!

Do you need help taking your online business, blog, or podcast to the next level? As an online communicator, I know what it’s like to have a million great ideas, and then feel stuck about which path is best. Doing the next right thing is not always obvious from a creator’s point of view.

Let me help you:

  • Get unstuck by evaluating your project and pointing you in the next reasonable direction
  • Understand your strengths and use them to create meaningful content
  • Find tools to design your brand & manage content
  • Market your brand across social media

Jennifer Bryant

…is an educator by profession and personality. Born the oldest of four kids in a small town in Southern California, she is fascinated by new experiences, what makes people tick & how to find practical solutions. She holds a B.A. from California Baptist University in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Bible Theology, Philosophy, Apologetics, a minor in English, teaching credential, and training in Early Childhood Education. 

Jenn has taught elementary & middle school ages in California and Hawaii public schools, directed a private faith-based preschool, & worked as a full-time ministry administrator. She and her husband Bruce own a family restaurant (best fish tacos ever) on the south shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian islands. They are homeschooling two adorable kids, Chloe & Asher (who are only 11 months apart) and trying to make it to the beach and discover great little food spots as often as possible.