With Resurrection Sunday just around the corner, we thought it would be great to gather an Easter booklist just for you! You can use this for bed time reading, devotional time or even as a gift for the Easter basket!


Why Easter?

Using the familiar teaching tools of reading, discussion, singing and memorizing, Barbara Reaoch employs every means possible to illuminate Christ’s resurrection to thirsty young hearts and minds. The lessons are deep, true, fascinating, and insightful–I heartily recommend this remarkable book to childrens’ leaders, parents, and teachers; most of all, I recommendWhy Easter? to every child!” –Joni Eareckson Tada

Having used this fantastic devotional the last few years, it has provided a way to discuss the death of Christ, on a child’s level, as well as some classical education by way of memorizing and singing. We hope you are encouraged by Why Easter? as we are!

The Donkey Who Carried the King

The major strength of is the story. The approach this allegory takes is a story within a story while you might think that this may get confusing or exhausting like in other works, that cannot be said of The Donkey Who Carried A King, which is quick and funny. With regard to communicating the truths of God’s Word, Dr. Sproul has gone to great lengths to communicate the Gospel to young children in a manner which they can understand and relate.” – Amazon Reviewer

This story gives a practical example of how children can learn of Christ’s work on the cross. Our children sometimes get picked on, don’t want to do their chores, or get angry when things do not go their way? The Donkey who Carried a King gives our children a way to understand of what Christ had to go through in order to be obedient to the Father. In Philippians 2:8 it says, “…He [Jesus] humbled himself and became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” Our children will see the importance of doing everything for God’s glory without grumbling.  If Christ was obedient, humble, joyful, and content we should be as well. We recommend that you read the questions in the back of the book before reading the book to your child and definitely go over the questions with the child, to understand the authors intent for The Donkey who Carried a King.


Holy Week: An Emotions Primer

This baby board book is perfect for that baby or toddler in your life! The Holy Week: An Emotions Primer walks through the Easter week using the Scripture and teaches little ones about feelings. A perfect introduction to Easter!


The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross

Retelling the Easter story through a Bible overview, in the Garden, the Curtain and the Cross, children will discover that ‘because of our sin, we can’t go in’ but because of Jesus’ victory on the cross, an even better garden awaits us…

I am so excited about this book! It is colorful, engaging, and creative, and that’s just the icing on the cake! Our children receive invitations to participate in many different stories stories of who they are, their purpose, and what God is like. The Garden, the Curtain and the Cross is a brilliant re-telling of the one story that rules all other stories. I cannot commend this book highly enough. Read it to your children, give it to your neighbors, and talk about what it means to live in light of the fact that the curtain has been torn.”
 Gloria Furman – Cross-cultural worker, author of The Pastor’s Wife and Missional Motherhood

The Week That Led to Easter

In this title from the Arch Books series, children will learn the events of Holy Week, tracing the steps of Christ to the cross that leads to jubilant celebration as Christ defeats Satan and sin!”

The Tale of the Three Trees

This story is a Christian allegory illustrating, in a simple, yet clear, manner, God’s power to use our lives for His purposes in ways that surpass even our biggest dreams.

Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs

Read the story together, open each egg, and find the surprise inside – each a symbol of Jesus’ journey to the cross. It is a great way to connect with your children while reliving the events of those history-changing hours.

As a family, we try to keep our resources focused on what matters most this holiday, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior and King. We have wrapped these booked up every year, so that it is a fun way to surprise the children, to unwrap and read the story together. We often start about four week prior to Resurrection Sunday, knowing that we will miss days here and there, in the midst of spring, and to get an opportunity to cultivate hearts that are towards Christ this season. It is always a fun time reading on the porch, basking in the spring sun, or sitting at the dinning room table on a rainy day to learn about who Christ is and reveling in His glory and the magnificence of His glorious work on the cross! Please leave a comment below how to and your family prepare for Easter, and what your favorite books are!