If you’ve ever thought about blogging, you may have come across a ton of information and not be sure where to start. Maybe you’re confused by all those weird techie terms. Maybe starting a website is just daunting because you know next to nothing about how to build one and web developers tend to charge a pretty penny.

What’s the difference between a widget and a plugin? 

Is WordPress or Blogger the way to start?

…and how much is this all going to cost?!

I felt the same way when I started.  I wasn’t even sure what a blog was, let alone starting one myself. Blogging seemed like an online journal where people from all over the world could read your diary and give you moral support.

I didn’t realize that our generation was beginning to read and depend them even more than newspapers and magazines, that there were blogs in any category you could find to help you  with virtually any problem, and the people behind them were real people, writing from real passions and experience.

The Catalyst

In the spring of 2015, I was dismissed from my full-time job. It was a significant life-change, and the dust needed to settle from the whirlwind of grief I experienced. I was learning to become content at home, and with myself.

I needed an outlet, a way to express and share what I was learning in leaps and bounds about being content, learning to be a better mom and homemaker, and researching more about home education.

I knew that life needed to be simplified, and after I had organized every room of our home, I still felt this message stirring inside of me, busting with practical tips and encouragement for mamas like me. Mamas who were passionate about education and raising babies. Mamas who had come from the working world and were now settling in their home life

The Why

I believe that God created all of us with specific gifts to share with the world. For me, learning and synthesizing information into manageable pieces is what comes naturally to me. I’m a teacher by trade, training, and personality.

There are times when I need to hold back all the cool stuff I’ve learned and understand what people really need. Sometimes, they just need to be heard and encouraged. Learning how to be sensitive to that is what I feel the Lord building in me every day.

As you consider blogging, ask yourself why…. “Why do I want to communicate in this space?” Is it to be known, popular, vindicated, maybe? I can tell you right now that building an online platform is not easy, but it is well worth the effort if your motives are to love and serve your audience. People can see right through a fake, or someone in it for their own glory.

This page is to provide you with useful tools to figure out how to function best in the blogging world. Let’s start with what I call the Blogging Pyramid.