The Foundation of Family

Every family, whether they realize it or not, operates on a foundation of personally held values. That may stem from cultural or geographic upbringing, but families pass along ideals, beliefs, mindsets, behavior patterns, and shared experiences to the next generation.

As Christian parents, our moral values are dictated by the Holy Scriptures: The Bible – God’s Word, breathed through the lives and hands of men and women over the course of history. This collection of divinely documented truths ranging from codes of law to narrative, lists, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, and future revelations is the foundation for our faith that a big God has been orchestrating and communicating through His people from the beginning of time.

Over and over, His character is revealed as trustworthy, just, good, righteous, holy, and among many others, loving. Nowhere else in history or other world religions do we see such a divine deity, sacrificing Himself for the sake of reconciled relationship with his creation. The pages of scripture are truly awe-inspiring when understood in context and then applied to our present lives.


Faith Resources for Family Life

The practice of living out faith in God will help you to recognize who you are in this divine story, God’s beautiful purpose for his created people, the gifts He gives each of us to love others and point them back to Himself, and the power He gives us through His Spirit to persevere through and overcome difficulty with peace and joy.

This section of Practical Family is dedicated to providing resources to encourage you in your own faith journey, and help you to communicate the story and love of God to your children. Our hope is that they learn to know, love, obey, and spread the good news of Jesus Christ in their attitude and lifestyle.

You will find resources here for:

  • Understanding the Bible
  • Faith conversations through the ages and stages of life
  • Podcast episodes of faith conversations with other families just like you
  • Opportunities for community interaction with Christian parents and educators


Brave Beauty | Girls and Body Image

Brave Beauty | Girls and Body Image

Like most nights, I walked into my kids room to read a bedtime story. As I sauntered in half asleep, the kids climbed into their respective beds while I grunted down into the office chair and with a big yawn and tired eyes, I faced them with an opened book. “Mommy,...

How We Taught Our Kids to Read the Bible

How We Taught Our Kids to Read the Bible

I had to get after the kids again for not buckling up their seat belts right away. Of course we were in a hurry to get somewhere, and Asher had an urgent story to tell me. Sometimes I feel like it's anything he can do other than obey the direction at hand. I said,...

Authentic Faith: Helping Kids Connect to God

Authentic Faith: Helping Kids Connect to God

As Christian parents, we can feel the weight of responsibility for guiding the next generation toward a meaningful relationship with God. As we have learned from our experience with any school institution, aptitude is not accurately measured with a test, just as...

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